Memorable Origami Holiday Cards

Origami Holiday Cards (4)

The technology recruiting company traditionally sent out holiday cards every year to clients (technology and HR professionals at large corporations) and consultants (off-site contract technology employees). Previous years’ cards were “generic,” including just a standard message and the company name.

For the 2014 holiday season, Megan and the company leadership decided they wanted to do something more than a typical card. They wanted to stand out and give their network something they wouldn’t immediately discard.

As with all small businesses, the budget was limited. The cards were not likely to have a direct impact on sales, but they had potential to have a positive influence on the brand image of the company.

Megan researched, brainstormed ideas, and came up with a creative way to grab the attention of the receiver, keep costs low, and increase the “shelf life” of the greeting card.

She worked with an external company to design and print an attractive custom holiday card. It incorporated the company brand and had signatures from the whole staff printed inside. However, the most unique feature of the card was inclusion of an origami tree folded from a one dollar bill with instructions on the back so receivers could recreate the tree.

Origami Holiday Cards (8) | Megan Vogel
Front of card – [Image of snowflake and company logo]
Origami Holiday Cards (7) | Megan Vogel
Inside of card – Left: May your new year be EVERGREEN. Fold your own origami evergree tree! (See instructions on the back of this card.) Right: Happy holidays from your friends at JDC Group [17 staff signatures]
Origami Holiday Cards (9) | Megan Vogel
Back of card – Origami Evergreen Tree [Step-by-step instructions for creating a tree from a dollar bill]
Megan oversaw printing and prep work for the cards, even rolling up her sleeves and folding the origami dollars with help from friends.

Origami Holiday Cards (6) | Megan Vogel
Preparing the cards for mailing

The holiday card employed a clever use of images, textures, and messaging that left a lasting impression on clients and consultants. The company received a number of thank you emails and other acknowledgments. The cards also created positive buzz for the brand with customers and contract employees during a time of year that traditionally holds less opportunity for contact.