Fresh Sales Booklet

Sales Booklet
Sales Booklet

The sales team at a technology recruiting company was looking for materials that could be used as a basic introduction for prospects to their company. It needed to use new brand messaging, replace outdated materials, and briefly explain what the company does and why they are experts in their industry.

First Megan created the copy, mixing existing content and new success stories to highlight recent client-related accomplishments.

Next she interviewed and selected an external vendor to design the look of and print a multiple-page booklet. Megan managed this process, bringing in members of the company leadership team to review and approve before the final design was accepted.

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The newly designed booklets were a success. The text, images, and overall feel of the piece was professional and modern (keeping with the new brand image), which created a positive first impression of the company. The booklets were used for trade-show events, onsite visits with prospects, and other introductory opportunities which contributed to new business.