Modern Website Redesign

New website
New website

The technology recruiting company hadn’t updated their website during its ten years in business. Megan identified the need for an updated website that was mobile-friendly, had a fresh look with new information, and was easier to navigate.

Old website
Old, out-dated website

Megan researched website design companies. Using a series of preselected attributes, Megan and the leadership team selected the best vendor to meet their primary design needs. She prepared an initial needs-assessment document for the vendor, then completed a more in-depth planning document with detailed instruction for how the new website should be built out.

Megan worked with the website vendor throughout the process, providing detailed feedback on drafts and additional information where needed. She presented major project milestones to the company President to ensure it aligned with his expectations. Megan also helped the hands-on transitioning of website host companies once the site was ready for launch.

To announce the new website, Megan prepared a formal press release. It was shared in a special email to the company’s clients and consultants and also posted on their social media pages and blog. Positive feedback about the new, easier to navigate, more modern website immediately started pouring in from these outlets.

As a result of the redesign, the company’s website visits increased by a monthly average of 40%.