Kelsey Via

Kelsey Via“Megan is a thoughtful, organized, and insightful marketer. The way she manages her priorities, projects and day to day tasks is something that I truly envy. She is the world’s best note taker, which is an invaluable trait in an organization that moves as quickly as we do at Colibri. She has an analytical mind and a keen eye for the details that allows her to understand trends into the campaigns that she manages. These insights allow her to be nimble, and problem solve when something isn’t going quite as planned, or to amplify in order to take full advantage of positive results.

Not only is Megan a fantastic marketer, but she is a fantastic human being. Her quick wit and humor make every day enjoyable and I have truly appreciated my time working with her. She makes those around her better, both professionally and personally.

Kelsey Via was the Senior Manager, Marketing Automation at Colibri Group, and Megan was her coworker in the marketing department.