David Pitts

David Pitts Testimonial“I had the pleasure of hiring Megan into the Manheim organization and what a great decision as she has been rock solid. She joined Manheim as a Management Trainee and entered into a rotational program which allowed her to get experience with each of the departments of our auctions and attend a wide variety of management training classes. As she journeyed through the program I would always hear about those individuals she networked with and what a positive impression they had of her as a person! She was known for her thoughtful and specific ‘thank you’ notes. It’s really a lost art now-a-days! Due to her notariety and positive networking I asked her to prepare a session with her fellow trainees on how to make an impact and the session was a hit.

Megan is inquisitive, thoughtful, and one I could rely on to be engaged with her job and those around her. She had helped out on a variety of other projects during her time as a trainee to help reinforce the effectiveness of the program for the future trainees. She also volunteered to participate with our companies Customer Experience Council and Task Force initiatives.

All around, solid individual and glad she is still a part of Manheim years later!”

David Pitts was the Director of Talent Development at Manheim, and Megan reported directly to him during her time in the Management Training Program. They also worked together in different departments at Manheim.