Darin Bush

Darin Bush Testimonial“Megan and I were members of the same corporate-sponsored Toastmasters club. I enjoyed working with her, and would be willing to do so again.

Megan was a key member of the club. She brought a lot of positive, supportive energy to the club, and inspired her fellow members. She is a natural speaker and presenter, a quick learner, and has a great understanding of addressing an audience, speaking precisely and passionately, and communicating with speech and writing. She is a motivating, charming, and personable addition to any group or discussion.

Megan was also a leader in the club. She contributed many useful and creative ideas. She worked behind the scenes to produce documentation, signage, and publicity for the Toastmasters club. She successfully helped organize and run club events, and was a key contributor to the process and procedure of club meetings.”

Darin Bush was Megan’s mentor in Toastmasters International and they worked together to on multiple club projects.  In addition, Megan and Darin worked together in different departments at Manheim.