Anne DeVito

Anne DeVito Testimonial

“Working with Megan has been a fantastic experience. She is the kind of client liaison I wish all of my clients had: warm and personable, but also professional and organized.

Since the start of our contract, Megan has had my company’s projects planned and scheduled (in detail) months ahead of time, and she has consistently given us everything we need to complete our work well in advance. Her organization skills have helped our projects to continue smoothly, even while she transitioned to life abroad during the latter part of this year. I am very impressed with her as a project manager.

As a client liaison, Megan worked tirelessly to ensure that our relationship was always mutually beneficial by clearing up clerical issues before they became problems, communicating openly and constructively about our projects, and making herself quickly available should we ever have any questions or concerns.

I have deeply enjoyed working with Megan in her role with JDC Group, and I hope to work with her again on future enterprises.”

Anne DeVito was a Writer, Editor, and Communications Consultant at Ars Grammatica, Inc., and Megan was Anne’s direct contact for multiple companies, including Colibri Group, St. James Winery, and JDC Group.